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I Need 160G Fiberglass Mesh

2023-02-26T19:07:05+08:00March 17th, 2020|Wire Mesh|

Dear friend, I need the 160g fiberglass mesh, please send your best FOB price, thank you very much. 4x4, Orange color, The quantity is 5x40HQ. Thanks.

We Need Fiberglass Mesh

2023-02-26T19:09:23+08:00February 23rd, 2020|Wire Mesh|

We need your product fiberglass mesh, 4x4mm, 160gsm, 4 containers. Colour we prefer orange or red but if not avaible white colour is also acceptable.

Looking For Fiberglass Mesh

2023-02-27T14:25:12+08:00July 8th, 2019|Wire Mesh|

Dear executive, we are looking for fiberglass mesh which is made of urine glue coated, 160gram/sqm, mesh spacing is 4mm*4mm and orange color.

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