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Dear Friend,

Please give us your best CFR price for the below specified 4000 rolls of galvanized concertina barbed wire.

Kindly note that the required delivery time of the project is very tight therefore please also advise us your best production time along with the estimated vessel arrival or transit time.

Product Specifications:
4000 rolls “48.000mtr’ galvanized concertina barbed wire with protrusions, spikes and clips.
1- Coil Diameter Before Stretching: 980(mm)
2- Coil Diameter After Stretching (mm): 850(mm)
3- Number of Turns: 55 Spiral Turns Per Coil
4- Number of Clips: 7 Clips Per Spiral
5- Length per coil/Roll: 12mtr
6- Line wire
a- Material: Hdg steel wire
b- Wire diameter: 3.0mm ± 0.05mm.
c- Tensile strength: 1235N/m2.
d- Galvanization: 275g/m2.
7- Barb
a- Material: Hdg steel wire.
b- Wire diameter: 2.0mm ± 0.05mm.
c- Tensile strength: 350N/m2.
d- Length of barbs: 13mm - 20mm.
e- Distance between barbs: 60mm ± 16mm.
f- Galvanization: 240g/m2.

Thanks in advance.

Country: Qatar

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