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We are interested in greenhouse shade net (white: anti insect and black net) with the following characters:

1.Color: black for greenhouse and transplant nurseries
Material: HDPE
Shade Factor: 75-70%.
Weight: 88-83 Gr/m2.
Strength: 0.8-0.7 Kg/cm2.
UV Stability: 1120 KLY (- KLY- Klangley: 1Klangley: 1Kcl/cm2. Unit of sun radiation at ground level).

2.Color: White , Gray colors (Anti- Insect Net) for greenhouse and transplant nurseries.
Material: HDPE
Shade Factor: 25-31%.
Weight: 88-83 Gr/Sq.M
Breaking Strength Warp (Kg/5cm) : 125+
Breaking Strength Weft (Kg/5cm): 65+
Hole size (mm): 0.26X0.83 (calculated value)
Yarn diameter (mm): 0.23
Yarn density-Wrap (cm): 20.4-20.8 (visual inspection)
Yarn density-Weft (mm): 9.3-9.5 (visual inspection)
Rarn density-Wrap X Weft (INCH): 52.8 X 23.9 (visual inspection)
UV Stability: 700 KLY.

3.ground cover: black color without UV. Weight: 80-100 gram.
Please if your factory can provide us with greenhouse net with the above characters, please let us know and the price list for these materials.

Best regards.

Country: Jordan

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